Pete Malinverni

Jazz pianist, composer, educator

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Pete's latest, this is a meditation on the fragility of life - and on what really matters. Featuring all songs of the spirit, from "People, Get Ready", to "Wade in the Water" to Eili, Eili", with BEN ALLISON, bass, AKIRA TANA, drums and special guests, Karrin Allyson, Jon Faddis and Steve Wilson

Recorded at Systems Two, Michael Marciano, eng


a beautiful thing!

Featuring bassist Lee Hudson and master drummer Eliot Zigmund, whom Pete first heard with Bill Evans, this ten song recital features standards and originals, including the title track, dedicated to Pete's Mom and Dad, who had the original life-long love affair

Recorded at Systems Two, Michael Marciano, eng


The Creation

Pete's setting of the poem by James Weldon Johnson, part of his "God's Trombones" cycle, this live recording features Pete's SOUL VOICES choir and a septet of wonderful young musicians, in its debut performance

Live recording


Emerging markets


Featuring Bruce Harris, trpt; Rich Perry, tenor; Doug Weiss, bs; and Victor Lewis, dms, this exciting recording includes Pete's original compositions dedicated to several great American cities

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng

Inv Cit cvr.jpg

Invisible cities

Long inspired by the book of this title by Italian poetical author Italo Calvino, Pete conjures cities of the imagination as well as re-imagining some we know.

Songs include Cole Porter's "I Love Paris", Gershwin's "There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York" and Leonard Bernstein's "Lonely Town".

Featured players: Tim Hagans, trpt; Rich Perry, tnr; Ugonna Okegwo, bs; Tom Melito, drums

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng



For eighteen years, Pete served as Minister of Music at the predominantly African-American Devoe St. Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. For the choir there, he wrote several Jazz/Gospel suites based on the Psalms of King David. "Joyful!" is one of them

Featuring: Yvette Glover, Jody Sandhaus, Afua Monk-Addo and Jaclyn Lamont, voice; Steve Wilson, alto; Joe Magnarelli, trpt; Todd Coolman, bs; Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax, drums; Rev. Frederick C Ennette, Sr, narration and a choir featuring the Devoe Choir as well as some students from SUNY Purchase, including Cyrille Aimee

Includes a DVD of the premiere performance and interviews, directed and produced by Academy Award-winning documentarian Maryann DeLeo


Theme and variations

Recorded over two afternoons in NYC's Avatar Studios, this is a tour de force of solo piano, featuring an original theme and a series of variations, in the manner of the Goldberg Variations, with choice standards interspersed. Not to be missed by piano fans

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng

The Good Shepherd Suite.jpg

The Good Shepherd


Featuring the 17-piece Purchase Jazz Orchestra and the 80-voice Soul Voices Choir, this is a suite of exciting music for Jazz Orchestra and Choir with a text taken form the 23rd Psalm of King David. 

Captured live here is the premiere performance at NYC's Symphony Space

Bill Siegmund, engineer

The Tempest.jpg

The Tempest

Long a favorite at Pete's live performances, the title track features the hand-in-glove agility of Pete's long-time trio featuring Dennis Irwin, bs; and Leroy Williams, dms, in their last outing before Dennis' un-timely death. In a wide-ranging set of standards and originals, the group's full flowering is well on display

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng

Autumn in New York.jpg

Autumn in New York

On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever, in ways small and large. Pete lost two friends that day, Capt. Billy Burke, FDNY and Ken Cubas, both of whom had escaped the Twin Towers safely but had gone back in several times to help others, only to perish as heroes. This recording is an homage to those two brave and good men - and all New Yorkers, really, of whose toughness and humanity we were reminded on that day.

Featuring Dennis Irwin, bs; Leroy Williams, dms

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng

Of One MInd.jpg

Of one mind

Pete's first recording NOT made at Rudy Van Gelder's Studio, the engineer Jim Anderson caught the trio in rare form at NYC's Avatar Studios. Standards and originals

Recorded at Avatar Studios, Jim Anderson, eng

A Very Good Year.jpg

A Very good year

Pete has long believed it is the musician's job to tell a story. Never was that responsibility so well observed as by Frank Sinatra in his legendary recording of this title tune. Here, Pete offers his take on it, with Dennis Irwin, bs and Leroy Williams - and the story is, indeed, well told.

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, Rudy Van Gelder, engineer

This Time.jpg

this time

The first of several recordings featuring Pete's trio with Dennis Irwin, bs and Leroy Williams, drums, the telepathy to be evidenced in future dates is clear from the outset

Program features standards and originals

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, Rudy Van Gelder, engineer

Don't Be Shy.jpg

don't be shy

For his first recording, Pete chose the best, working with Dennis Irwin, bs and Mel Lewis, dms.

Available here in CD form as re-released in Japan, there are still a handful of copies of the original LP vinyl available at a special price. Write to Pete for information on that.

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios